Focus and Scope

Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Elektro, Komputer, dan Informatika (JITEKI Journal) is a national peer-reviewed and open-access journal. JITEKI aspires to be the most progressive and dependable source of theoretical and practice-oriented research information, particularly in developing monitoring and information systems to automated control systems. JITEKI acknowledges that research in monitoring and information systems is essential to break new ground in automated control systems and fundamental to tech-based revolutionary breakthroughs.

Papers that will be published in JITEKI are original manuscripts that have not been simultaneously submitted to other parties. The paper should contribute to monitoring and information systems or/and automated control systems.

The topic of published papers might be subjected into one or more of the following scopes:

  • Prediction Systems. Prediction systems estimate variables at a specified future date based on past behavior or additional knowledge of a system. Subtopics of the scope widely vary. Estimation systems usually take advantage of statistical data, while Fuzzy and Artificial Intelligence-based predictions may forecast with numerical data based on the system's past behavior. Meanwhile, there is the trend-topic analysis and sentiment analysis, which analyze qualitative data.
  • Monitoring and Information Systems. Monitoring and information systems allow data capturing, processing, recording, and dissemination of the information systematically. Subtopics may vary based on its tools: Internet of Things (IoT)-basedMicrocontroller-basedAndroid-basedWeb-based monitoring systems. Based on its method for delivering information, subtopics may be categorized into Blockchain systemsWireless Sensor NetworkDatabase and Information systemsAugmented Reality. Meanwhile, subtopics in data capturing and processing can be Image/Voice/Video RecognitionImage ProcessingDetection, Identification, and Classification systems.
  • Automation and Control Systems. Automation and control systems apply control theory not only to regulate and monitor processes without direct human force but also to sustain and improve the functioning of a controlled object. Subtopics of this scope may include but are not limited to: Performance analysisconfiguration analysisphase correctionProportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controlProgrammable Logic Controller (PLC)sliding mode controladaptive control, and optimization
  • Blockchain. Blockchain is a digital collection of information about transactions.